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My name's Carrie, and this site is about three things I'm passionate about 

My interest in mental health was part of what made me decide to go to PA school

Before PA school, I was a French & Spanish teacher. Languages & education are still things I love.


I've experienced struggles with mental health through much of my life. During those years, I've learned a lot. I decided it was time to start talking about it–and encouraging you to do so, too. My posts on the topic include:

Mental Health


Becoming A Physician assistant

I decided to become a PA during my time working as a teacher, when I realized I wanted to help with my students' mental health, and that I wanted to help people one-on-one (rather than an entire class of students at a time). 

Learn more about my journey to becoming a Physician assistant (and info on becoming one yourself) on Instagram and on the blog.​


My first profession was as a French and Spanish teacher, and I still love education and language learning. Some of the resources I've assembled on the topic include:

Info on foreign-language learning and education

Resources for teaching yourself Spanish

Resources for teaching yourself French

Teacher-tested French and Spanish worksheets, games, and activities

Education & Language-Learning 


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