A Happy High-Five

It’s June!

Here in Utah, the weather is usually heating up by now. Instead, this year, we’ve been having pleasant temperatures and rain nearly every day! It’s making for a beautiful, green year. The perfect-temperature weather has been a small pleasure lately, especially with working on the front yard (which has turned into a big project), and, lately, taking some walks while listening to guided meditations. Lately, I’ve been trying to just savor pleasurable moments when they come, and focus on the present when they do. Here are some other things that have made me happy lately:

Game of Thrones

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but with all the recent talk about Game of Thrones recently, I started watching it from season 1 a couple weeks ago. I’m up to season 4—so no spoilers, please! I’m not usually that in to dramas, but I’ve been enjoying this one.

Playing Jeopardy With my Husband

The other TV show I’ve been watching recently is Jeopardy. My husband seems to enjoy trivia, and the show recently got added to Netflix, so I put it on the other night when we couldn’t decide on what to watch together.

And then we started keeping score.

Now, watching a few 20-minute games has become a nearly-nightly routine. We don’t play all the rules—it’s just based on who says the right answer first, and we both just keep a tally of our right and wrong answers and add it up at the end. I think you can see here that he’s basically 50% better than I am at it, but I’m usually the one begging for another round. We’ve gone through all the Netflix episodes, but there are tons more on Hulu (it airs five days a week and is on season 35, so…). It’s something that I’ve really been enjoying.


This might be an odd one, but I’ve always been fond of jerky, so, small pleasures. Recently I’ve been grabbing it for a snack when I would usually be buying something like a candy or cookie. It’s more expensive, but I justify it to myself because I figure 250 calories of protein is better for me than 250 calories of chocolate and sugar. And I’ve really been enjoying it. Like I said, small pleasures.

A new look

During the past month, I got my hair cut, changed the color, and ordered some new glasses. I’ve really been enjoying the new look. Again, small pleasures. What about for you?

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