Strength Training at Home: 3 Resources to Start

Exercise is an important part of mental wellness, with some research finding a regular exercise routine as effective as antidepressants for some people with depression. A well-rounded fitness routine includes strength training in addition to cardio exercise and time for stretching. I’ve found strength training can be intimidating–but that doing it at home is a great way to make it less so. These are three resources I find myself using over and over.

The Nike Training Camp App

My sister was the one who first told me about this app from Nike, and I’ve been using it for several years now. The free app includes a variety of workouts at various levels. Most include limited equipment, too. It’s a good default for a home workout.

A “Barre” Workout from Shauna Kathleen

I have done this workout over and over at home. It works your whole body, with arm, leg, and core segments with only some dumbbells for equipment. It’s a favorite of mine.

A Resistance Band Workout from HASfit

My mom worked with a personal trainer for awhile, and just before I left for college, I joined one of her sessions. The trainer gave me an elastic workout band and a set of exercises to do, explaining that it was a workout tool that could travel anywhere. I used that band and her exercises while I lived in a dorm room, while I lived in Korea for 15 months, during summers in Colombia and France…I finally broke one of the handles off the other night while I was using it to follow along with this video.

Then I tied it back together and kept going.

Do you have any favorite workout resources?

Want to try a resistance band?

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