DIY Spanish: Numbers

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

You can learn numbers in Spanish on your own! Here's a guide to help.

Learn and Practice the Vocabulary

Start with this PDF numbers vocabulary handout

Download PDF • 82KB

Use these songs to help you remember the new words

Songs are a great way to remember new vocabulary when you're learning another language--yes, even children's songs. Here are some tips for using the songs in the following videos:

  • Play the song and listen to how the numbers are pronounced

  • Read along on the numbers PDF (above) as you listen. You can also add notes to the handout to help you remember pronunciation.

  • Practice saying the numbers out loud

  • Sing along with the video. Keep practicing with it until you can say the numbers without listening to the video.

  • Quiz yourself on the numbers--it can be helpful to use flashcards with the numeral on one side and the Spanish for the number written out on the other

  • Play the videos regularly to practice--you can listen while you're driving or cleaning, for example

TIP: Only focus on one video at a time. After you can say the numbers presented the video without listening, start working on the vocabulary in the next video.

Learn numbers 1-20

Use the tips listed above along with this video to learn numbers 1-20 in Spanish

Practice Numbers 1-20

  • Dúelo de números: Practice numbers 1-10 with this game. To start, press the play button, choose a character, then click on the numbers you hear to win the race!

  • Bingo: Practice numbers 0-20. Click on the number you hear in Spanish. To start, click "jugar" then "números 0 a 20."

Now go up to 50

Practice Numbers Through 50

  • More Bingo! This is a repeat, but it's a great practice exercise! To start, click "jugar" then "números 0 a 50."

Now learn all the way to 100

Practice Numbers Up to 100

More Practice Ideas

Once you've become familiar with the numbers vocabulary, practice lots to make sure you've memorized the words!

  • Count out loud in Spanish by 2's, 5's, 10's

  • For young children, try these free printable worksheets for numbers 1-10 and 10-20

  • Like I mentioned above, try using flashcards. Write the numeral on one side, and the word for the number in Spanish spelled out on the other side. It may be helpful to also write out the pronunciation in a way that helps you remember it.

  • Try doing math problems, but answering in Spanish (either out loud, or writing out the answer in Spanish). Check out this website for free addition worksheets.

  • Learn to tell time in Spanish, which will also help you practice numbers

  • Check out the numbers bundle available in the site's shop. It includes a numbers worksheet and numbers quiz you can do on your own, along with answer keys. There are also activities for practicing with a partner, including a dominoes game, a "Naval Battle" game, and a drawing activity that also gets you speaking.

Teaching Others Numbers Vocabulary

Are you a Spanish teacher? This section is for you.

More ideas to practice numbers

  • Teach telling time after learning numbers (which helps students use numbers in context)

  • Name different classroom items, have students count how many are in the room and report the number in Spanish

  • In small groups, have students roll one or several dice, and say the number out loud in Spanish

  • Look at a page from a Spanish-language online shop. Point to different items and ask students to say how much they cost in Spanish.

  • Look at a page from a Spanish-language online shop. Have students work in pairs. One student names a price in Spanish, and their partner has to figure out which item costs that much.

  • Game: Call out a number in Spanish, students must form a group of that number of people. Those left over sit down.

  • This page has ideas for teaching numbers to young children that could be adapted for young Spanish beginners

  • For young learners, get free printable coloring pages with the numbers in Spanish here

  • There are many activities you can do with students with individual white boards. Some ideas: You say a number in Spanish, they write the number; you say a simple math problem in Spanish, and they write the answer; they work in small groups or pairs, and quiz each other on the numbers

  • Lots more ideas in the Numbers Bundle (below)!

Numbers Bundle

If you are teaching Spanish numbers vocabulary to others, the numbers bundle has a lot of great resources for you. They work for children, adolescents, and adults, including school, homeschool, college, and tutoring settings. The bundle includes:

  • Comprehensive instructions for each activity 

  • A reference handout with numbers vocabulary (with numbers 0-1,000,000,000)

  • "Naval Battle" game (practices numbers 1-10, info-gap style activity, gets students speaking and listening)

  • A dot-to-dot partner speaking activity (practices numbers 1-64, info-gap style activity, gets students speaking and listening)

  • A "Bingo" board template (practices the numbers of your choice, gets students listening) 

  • A numbers worksheet and key (practices numbers 0-100, gets students reading) 

  • A numbers quiz and key (practices numbers 0-100, gets students reading and listening) 

  • Dominoes game (practices numbers 0-100, gets students reading)

  • A "run-up" numbers game (practices the numbers of your choice, gets students listening) 

  • A list of ideas for additional practice activities 

  • A list of ideas for cultural topics to discuss while teaching numbers vocabulary

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