A comprehensive bundle for teaching (or learning) numbers in Spanish!


This downloadable PDF includes the following items:

  • Comprehensive instructions for each activity 
  • A reference handout with numbers vocabulary (Numbers 0-1,000,000,000)
  • "Naval Battle" game (Numbers 1-10, Info Gap, Speaking & Listening)
  • A dot-to-dot partner speaking activity (Numbers 1-64, Info Gap, Speaking & Listening)
  • A "Bingo" board template (Numbers of Your Choice, Listening) 
  • A numbers worksheet and key (Numbers 0-100, Reading)
  • A numbers quiz and key (Numbers 0-100, Reading & Listening)
  • Dominoes game (Numbers 0-100, Reading)
  • A "run-up" numbers game (Numbers of Your Choice, Listening) 
  • A list of ideas for additional practice activities 
  • A list of ideas for cultural topics to discuss while teaching numbers vocabulary


This product was made with the classroom teacher in mind, but many of the ideas are adaptable for homeschoolers as well. 


Technical Info

All activities are included in a single PDF download with an interactive table of contents. Click the item in the table of contents to jump to the activity's instructions, which are immediately followed by the printables for that activity. 


After you purchase the product, you will be shown a link to click on to download the bundle. A link will also be sent to the email address you provide, and is valid for 30 days.


Your Satisfaction

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Numbers Bundle: Spanish