This unit is based around the series of videos for beginning Spanish-language learners called “Salsa,” created by and available for free through Georgia Public Broadcasting. Its ten 60-minute lessons include games, speaking activities, slideshows explaining new concepts, worksheets to go with the "Salsa" videos, and review activities, as well as step-by-step lesson plans and keys for anything that needs a key.


There are more than 40 "Salsa" videos. This product is for the first 10. More will be coming soon!


Who is this unit for?

  • This unit can serve as a stand-alone program for beginning students of Spanish.
  • The unit can also be used to supplement other beginning-Spanish curricula. 
  • The unit works well with students from elementary school through high school and beyond. The only condition for using this unit is that students must be comfortable with reading.


Who can teach it?

  • It is wonderful if you are proficient in Spanish and/or have experience teaching the language.
  • If you don’t, however, you can still teach the unit—I’ve included answer keys and what all vocabulary words mean to help you. You simply need to be willing to learn along with your students.


Using the Unit as a Homeschooler

  • This unit was designed with the classroom teacher in mind, however, it is an excellent way to start learning Spanish for homeschool students as well.
  • This unit is not designed for the learner to use on their own. To get the most possible out of the unit, I believe your student needs you to facilitate the lessons, as well as you (and/or a fellow student/s) to play the games with them and to do speaking activities with them.


What’s included?

  • An introductory document
  • Lesson plans
  • All handouts, worksheets, and keys
  • Instructions for all games
  • Slideshows
  •  A document with all vocabulary words, their meanings, and grammar concepts listed by lesson
  • “Salsa” videos are not owned by or created by the author, and are not included in the unit. They are available for free from Georgia Public Broadcasting at


Lesson Components

The unit’s ten, approximately 60-minute lessons contain the following:

  • Lesson objectives
  • Materials to prepare
  • A review activity
  • Introduction of a new concept
  • A worksheet to complete while watching the “Salsa” episode
  • Extension exercises and/or activities


Please note, however, that because this unit is so focused on what language is used in context, it does not follow a typical Spanish I curriculum. Rather, the vocabulary and grammar taught revolves around what is used in the videos, and is an excellent way for students to build their Spanish-language proficiency.  


Technical Info

After purchasing this unit, you will be shown a link to click to download a .zip file with separate PDFs for the introductory document, the lesson plans, the worksheets and keys, a master vocabulary list, and other activities. You will also receive the link via an email to the address you supplied during checkout. It is valid for 30 days.


If you would prefer to have separate, individual files for the unit’s materials, please email after purchase.


Your Satisfaction

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, please email

"Salsa" Beginning Spanish Unit